Thursday, April 09, 2015

Alberta Election 2015 - Campaign ratings on Day 3

Just being a casual observer of this election on TV and online, here are my impressions of the various party campaigns thus far and their plus/minus rating.  Then I'll aggregate them at the end of each week and the campaign as a whole.

PC - Jim Prentice's election campaign launch basically insulted anyone as extremists who didn't support them.  He also said they are not the party of the status quo.  Uh, riiiight. And see below. 
PC -3.

Alberta Party - The slogan "Choose Alberta's Future" was displayed at Prentice's launch and the .ca and .com domain names were then quickly swiped up by the Alberta Party.
AP +1.

NDP - They just released their first major policy plank on providing 10% of funds up to $50k to businesses who hire an employee in Alberta.  This is the recently elapsed job's program implemented by...?  Harper.
NDP +2.

Wildrose - I haven't heard or seen anything.  Maybe that's a good thing.  Just sit there and be a conservative protest vote.  You can't do that too long though or the NDP might just usurp all the good policies! People need to know who Brian Jean is.
WP +/- 0.

UPDATE:  Brian Jean comes out with a plan to balance the books in three years by cutting public sector jobs in middle management (not front line workers) without raising taxes.
WP +2.

Liberals - Well-known journalist Graham Thompson says it would take a miracle of biblical proportions for the Liberals to get a dozen seats.  And I don't usually associate the Liberals with the Bible, do you?
LP -1.

Polls released showing the Wildrose in the lead, NDP sweeping Edmonton and making in-roads in Calgary, then the PCs.  Say, what?  As it stands, it's a Wildrose minority with a possible NDP official opposition.  But anything can change day to day here.

+2 NDP
+2 WP
+1 AP
-1 LP
-3 PC

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