Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Trudeau's speech was very good

.. if you're a progressive/liberal.  You should be very excited.  There was lots of good visionary, forward-looking inspiring rhetoric in his speech that will certainly rally the liberals and many soft-dippers back into the fold.  

But there was one part that stood out for me in why heir Trudeau is no where near my belief system.

"To millions and millions of Canadians, their government has become irrelevant, remote from their daily lives, let alone their hopes and dreams. To them, Ottawa is just a place where people play politics as if it were a game open to a small group, and that appeals to an even smaller one."
As a libertarian-conservative I'm right glad that the government has become irrelevant and remote from my daily life and my hopes and dreams.  Why should the gov't be involved in my hopes and dreams?  That's the last place I want them.  His words embody the strong central government approach of Liberals.

Let's face it, the reason the Liberals sucked last time is because Ignatieff didn't inspire and rally the lefties and Quebeckers and Jack was in turn elevated to an icon, causing the Liberalism to be squeezed out.  Further to that, Bob Rae is interim and there was a huge vacuum.  

The left LOVES to cling onto and rally around iconic leaders.  It's part of their nature.  They WANT someone to lead them and others to some promised land.  Whether it's Lenin, Mao, or the kids who wear that murderous communist Che Guevara on their shirt, they say they want a revolution.   Jack Layton became an iconic left leader and Tom Mulcair is trying to be one too, but I don't think he quite has it.  

Justin?  Absolutely.

I certainly see Justin Trudeau being a rallying point for the left.  The issue with his liberalism in Canada is that it's almost become irrelevant--with the NDP on the left and Conservatives on the right both taking up parts of the centre.  It's even happening provincially with parties on both ends strattling the middle.

So with that, I applaud Justin for actually having the guts to make the case for liberalism.  He needed to do that to inspire the Liberal base and mark out territory.
"And as we face these challenges, the only ideology that must guide us is evidence. Hard, scientific facts and data. It may seem revolutionary in today's Ottawa, but instead of inventing the facts to justify the policies, we will create policy based on facts. Solutions can come from the left or the right, all that matters is that they work. That they help us live - and thrive - true to our values."
This is liberalism ideology at it's core and as I mentioned in a previous post, what made the Liberal party successful.  Push back on the left and right and say some of both parties ideas are good.  Tout the "balanced approach" with big visionary rhetoric.

Liberals should be ecstatic.

And Tom Mulcair should be very afraid.


Lorne Russell said...

I read the speech. It was just a lot of cheer-leading pablum. I think his 49 references to "Canada" or "Canadian" might have set a new record.

For example here is rapid fire Canada:

Canada created the Liberal Party...
Canadians created the Liberal Party.
Canadians built medicare.
Canadians built an open and dynamic economy.
Canadians welcomed newcomers from around the world into their communities and businesses.
Canadians developed an independent foreign policy, and when necessary, bled for our values in faraway lands.
Canadians brought their constitution home.
Canadians demanded that their inalienable rights and freedoms be placed above the reach of politics.
And Canadians balanced the budget."

Really. We did all that? Amazing.

Also I found this phrasing odd:
"My friends : I love Montréal. I love Québec.
And I am in love with Canada."
Why the difference? Curious.

Regardless we can always use another Canadian cheer-leader. When Harper wins his next majority I hope he can still sing the praises of Canada, at least 49 times per speech.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks he means liberals when he says Canada/Canadians. Same old same old.

dmorris said...

"and when necessary, bled for our values in faraway lands."

My Father did,and my Uncle stayed there forever, but Justin Trudeau's Dad didn't. He stayed home,and rode around Montreal in a WW1 German army helmet.

Justin Trudeau reflects the values of too many people today,shallow,entitled, never a character-building moment in his soft,fat cat life.

Trudeau to lead the LPC? By all means. To lead the Country? Not bloody likely! We aren't THAT stupid, YET!

Anonymous said...

If the Left loves to rally around and cling to iconic figures; why does it take so my media organizations, journalists, pundits and opinionaters to change a light bulb?

Anonymous said...

I left loves to rally around and cling to iconic figures; why does it take so many media outlets, pundits, opinionators and journalists to change a light bulb?