Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Justin Trudeau tops in poll for liblead

Latest Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll has Trudeau waaaaay ahead.  Like way ahead of really smart, experienced folks like astronaut Marc Garneau, Bank of Canada guy Mark Carney, journalist Andrew Coyne and more.

Well Liberals, I guess after trying substance (Ignatieff, Dion, Martin) you'd prefer to go with style, once again, you don't necessarily care about policies, but simply gaining power no matter what.

In his kick-off speech, Trudeau was very big on rhetoric but not specifics.  Middle class this, middle class that.  But really, how's he going to help them?  There's Harper's approach--tax them less on various things so they have more money to spend on what they want, which he implemented, and there's the Liberal/NDP approach, where they tax them then spend on big useless bureaucratic gov't programs, not direct tax relief, because those progressives, you know, they know what's best for you and society than you do.

Will blue liberals buy into Trudeau's rhetoric or continue to be in their current ideological home, the centre-right Harper Conservatives?

Will soft-NDPers in Quebec, BC, and Ontario flock back to the Liberals under Trudeau?  Would a merger be even necessary with Trudeau?

Also note Liberals, where's the women besides Martha Hall-Findlay?


Jordan said...

Joyce Murray was mentioned.

fernstalbert said...

The Liberals have a messaih complex - and Justin answers those yearnings for the flash and dash of PET. PET 2 will be entertaining and fascinating to watch. No effort will be made to develop policy, grassroots support and consistant fundraising. The son is not the father and the country has changed. Cheers.

Jen said...

Trudeau like Obama need not struggle with information pertaining to their country since they both have their usual media hounds to wipe after them.

Trudeau like Obama are entertainers; sooner rather later the curtains will close and their customers go home to awake the next morning to a responsible CPC government that is working very hard for them.

Martha Hall Findlay and a few other libs still owe money to the EC which they refuse to repay nor do the media give a dam either but Oda's $16 orange juice is a national issue.

What canada needs are reporters not suckers unfortunately there aren't any, how so, Trudeau says whatever he feels like without being questioned.

Martin said...

As you say, Dion and Iggy are men of substance, and are able to write and articulate personal ideas and convictions.It is a bit different lecturing at places like Harvard, or Un of Montreal, compared to teaching drama as a substitute high school teacher. Between them, Dion and Iggy have probably written more books than Jr. has read yet.
Still with these leaders Liberals won 38 seats in Ont (Dion) reduced to 11 (Iggy). If we are to believe the Trudeau enthusiasts in the media party, Ont and Quebec are just salivating for a chance to vote Trudeau again.