Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marc Garneau is what the Liberals need

Best thing for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals would be for him to lose a close race and then take his energy and youthful team and get behind Marc Garneau.  Is there a bad thing you can say about the former astronaut, engineering doctorate, and head of the Canadian Space Agency, other than he's a bit older and not as charismatic?

“I’d make the necessary adjustments in industrial strategy where we’re getting the pants beaten off us. We have a huge talent pool of educated people but it’s clear to me that we’re underperforming. Thank God we have commodities,” he said.
He gets it.  That beats Trudeau's entire kick-off speech.

Dalton McGuinty?  Where to begin...  Yes, I hear he's a nice man.  If I was Harper, I'd want the Dad to run. For sure.

Liberals could vote for Trudeau out of celebrity and seeing some polls that put him ahead, but do they REALLY know what they're getting?  Are the retiring moms still dreaming of Trudeaumania telling their sons and daughters around the holiday dinner table what his father was like 44 years ago?  Maybe.

For the Liberals sake, hopefully dad at the table with deep Liberal roots will tell them that Garneau is a much better choice for the party, and for Canada.  Because I could live with Garneau as PM having a handle on the economy, but Justin?  Not a chance.

Trudeau would take us where we have no idea where we're going.  Garneau could at least take us upward.


potato said...

Garneau is still a Progressive, hence, one who puts the State ahead of the citizen. That, in itself, is reason enough to vote for neither him nor Trudeau. Secondly, who cares if he has an industrial stategy? Why should we all be conscripted to into gross Progressive intervention in the economy? The economy does not belong to the government and the government should not be picking winners and losers. If you want Progressive industrial strategy, look at Ontario Liberals scorched earth stategy that we'll be paying for for decades. No Garneau, no Trudea, no Progressives. Period.

Anonymous said...

Woefully shallow analysis.

fernstalbert said...

Federal Liberals will not elect a man/woman of substance - they would rather have "stardust" in their eyes. Cheers.

Jordan said...

I agree Garneau is the best of the Liberal crop to be PM, though could he ever do well in an election?

Dollops said...

I'm with Potato - and Fraidy-Cat Anonymous should stick to trolling in shallower waters. Definitely out of his depth here.