Monday, April 30, 2012

Run Rae run! You too Justin!

No surprise to anyone, Bob's gonna gun for the Liberal leadership.

Makes you wonder if the TV attack ad on Bob Rae by the Conservatives prompted this in some way, like they were egging him on.

Also, after pounding on a Conservative Senator in a highly-publicised charity boxing match by the Sun News Network, I wonder if Sun was doing it to egg-on Justin Trudeau to run as well.  I think it was a pure and perfect publicity stunt by Trudeau.  And you know how I know he's going to run for the leadership?

Because he said he wasn't.

With most of the Liberals not wanting Bob Rae to run, Trudeau will be the rallying and unifying candidate.


Roy Elsworth said...

Oh Man I want john Macallum to run so that way we will be assured a Conservative Majority Government for the Next 10 yrs at least. if he won it. Justin he hates Canadian Remember.

Sean M said...

How delightful... NDP Bob and the empty headed son of the architect of everything wrong with Canada running for the leadership of the "turd" party... This is going to get fun!

Jordan said...

If it wasn't for John McCallum being so boring he'd be a great leader. I don't know if anyone else in parliament has more experience in economics then McCallum.

Thucydides said...

If either of those two run, John McCallum should lead his group of "Blue Liberals" across the floor to join the Government benches.

The LPC lost its way a long time ago, but empty headed candidates trying to take the party further left will destroy any slender rational for continuing as an independent entity...