Friday, April 27, 2012

Charest is a weak premier

Oooh, $1625 increase over 5 years now spread to 7 years.  Give me a break.  Quebec students already pay the lowest tuition in the country because it's heavily subsidized.  Quebec has the biggest provincial debt and yet receives the most in transfer payments.  All Charest has done is shown that these protests and vandalism can actually work and influence government.

Hey, listen, I'm still paying off my student loan, but I got a good career job, worked hard, and worked my way up the ladder.  Maybe if these students got into a program that actually produced a good paying job, then maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal.  $1625 is only a $325 increase each year for 5 years.  That's a 2-3 days worth of work.

As well, if the gov't had planned better and increased tuition years ago, it wouldn't be the relative perceived hit it appears to be now.

But to me, that shows great weakness on part of Quebec's Premier Jean Charest by succumbing to this type of pressure from thugs and losers.


Anonymous said...

Well said! Mr Charest is feeding the crocodile, and yes it will bite him on the ass.

Anonymous said...

And Charest had the nerve to say in the same press conference where he announced the spreading out of tuition fees that "we will never give in to violence and intimidation".

The student groups took two seconds to reject his offer.

My son is in residence at a French CEGEP and in limbo. At a minimum we will have to pay for another month or so of residence if the year is extended plus he will be late for his summer job if they will still give him extra hours this summer (he works Saturdays now). The student vote was not a secret vote and a lot of intimidation is going on.

Bec said...

it won't bite him in the a$$ anony...he's a chronic enabler and the proud papa of a have not province.
He is the Dr Frankenstein of this monster. What a waste of breath to even discuss when these brats need to have been taught some reality rather than be given the permission to do this everytime they feel a tantrum coming on.