Friday, October 21, 2011

Sell the CBC

It's time for the government to sell the CBC.  Oh I know this post will propagate to my Twitter, then to my Facebook, and many of you will cry "Save the CBC".

I'm not going to delve into the fact the CBC public broadcaster is not opening its books to the public.  What are the fat cat bureaucrats and minions up to?  We don't know.  Yet the government (we) fund it.

And why in this day of austerity is the government propping up a media corporation?  Aren't these "Occupy" protests also about evil corporations being in the pockets of government? 

CBC is a corporation.  It says so in its name.  And it's not a small operation either.  But here's something to ponder, liberals and dippers... it's not a social program either.  It doesn't help the poor.  In fact, it hurts it because taxpayers pay over a billion a year to fund it instead of say lowering taxes, paying down debt, or for funding your other social programs. 

And yes, we can look into other program spending--military, etc., but this post is about one aspect--the CBC, so let's stay on topic.

Is the CBC an essential service to survival (food, shelter, and clothing)?  No. 

So what does the CBC do that other corporations aren't already doing?  What's so different?  Nothing.  What's different is it's a corporation funded by government. 

So why should it be treated any differently than complaining about 'other' corporations?

Is it because the CBC has such high viewership?  It doesn't.  Not even close.  So to say it unifies the country is hogwash.  Hockey Night in Canada?  Sorry, Sportsnet coverage is way better now.

Or maybe.  Maybe because it's a bias mouthpiece for liberals and dippers.  I've seen it on Channel 4 (CBC), 15 (CBC News), and heard it on 90.9 FM (CBC Radio 2).  Too many times.  But you know what, taxpayers are conservative too!  If the government was funding a conservative-leaning media corporation, like, um.. say Sun TV, liberals and dippers would cry afoul.  So, again, why is it any different the other way around?

Or maybe because the CBC fat cats support certain political parties?  Couldn't be?!

Oh, nevermind.

Gerry Nicholls is right.  Sell the CBC.  If the CBC is so important to you liberals and dippers, fund it yourselves.

And buy a share or two.

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Pissedoff said...

Harpers liberals in blue have no intention of doing anything to the CBC or the CHRC.