Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CBC's "22 Minutes" ambushes Rob Ford

Poor Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.  And Warren Kinsella is right--showing up to someone's home and ambushing them at 8 a.m. to ask questions, whether a joke or not, is in bad taste and does cross the line.  Especially after recently receiving anonymous death threats and having his 5 year old child there, frightened.

Enough is enough.

Sell the CBC.

h/t to Warren Kinsella


Fay said...

CBC has definitely crossed the line and now thinks comedy is scaring young children.
CBC has definitely lost its way.

Pissedoff said...

And the left wing morons are complaining about bullying which is just what this is.
Got rid of TV because of CBC and dumb idiots like Walsh.
Harper had better get rid of it quick.

Ken Moore said...

Taking CBC off the public teat won't change the culture and such ambushes may continue. It will be less annoying to taxpayers, though.

Anonymous said...

Ford should've decked her one - but then the media would've been crying a river.. too bad this what our millions of $$$ are going for.

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