Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ontario election prediction

McGuinty and the Libs will win a majority tonight, thanks to the party's dominance of the GTA and winning back some centrist voters from Tim Hudak's PCs.   Toronto has a Conservative in the mayor's office and one at the PMO.  They did not want a trifecta with one running Queen's Park.

For Hudak, as I said, his campaign is one of the least focused I've ever seen.  All the Liberals had to do was throw him off and paint Hudak as evil and they did that and Ontarians will pick the lesser of two evils or at least the devil they know.  McGuinty is liked as a person even if you totally disagree with his decisions.

In the end, the Liberals will get about 3.5 points over the PCs but 20 seats over them.  Ontario will continue to be a have-not province and the Leafs won't make the playoffs...



Unknown said...

I have no problem with the Leafs portion of that last statement.

That being said, the Ontario PCs have not simply been unfocused, they've been downright incompetent.

Edmund Onward James said...

If not A PC majority, likely a minority.

Edmund Onward James said...

Close with vote sharing %. I made my post election comment:

Not that disappointed in Ontario election

National Socialist Party said...

If you weren't happy with the oligarchy of the cons, libs and ndp, join the Socialist Party of Ontario