Friday, October 08, 2010

Iggy first

Minister Cannon says Ignatieff puts party before country.

Not only that but he puts himself before his own party.

And not only that, but he puts himself before his own family.


Anonymous said...

this overeducated buffoon is a result of lieberal spin doctoring, and the puzzle might be - does he not see what they have done to him ? - is he that stunned ?

Calgary Junkie said...

Iggy also puts provincial responsibilities over federal ones ... Ignatieff in wrong house, by Brian Lilley

Ignatieff has made it clear that his priorities are also education, health care and retirement security which are all fine except that they are mostly the responsibility of the provinces.

This kind of stuff is obvious to us junkies. Hopefully, more and more voters out there are becoming aware of this seperation of responsibilities. But it's better for Iggy to be challenged by the media on these things. The Quebec media gets it, as they are sensitive about seperation of powers. The ppg seem to be clueless, or more likely, they choose to ignore this major flaw in Iggy's "platform".