Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ignatieff and his mother's illness

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and other Liberals have been trying to hammer away at the Conservative gov't for buying new stealth planes instead of adopting the Liberal home-care plan.  To do that, Ignatieff has been mentioning examples of home-care stories, including one about his mother.

With that, I invite you to read the following post from fellow Blogging Tory, Alberta Ardvark, on:

A new low? Ignatieff again uses his mother's illness for personal gain.

"Said Andrew: "I came in one evening and my father was really upset, and I said, 'What's the matter?' and he said, 'Michael's written an article about your mother'"

There were family members — for example, Alison's sister, Charity Grant, and her brother, George Grant, and his wife, Sheila — who could never bring themselves to forgive Michael for having publicly exposed his intensely private mother.

That summer, George Ignatieff died. Andrew was with him. Michael was in France.


maryT said...

When did Peter M announce the purchase of the jets and when did iggy come up with this stupid plan. How could Peter have supported said plan, and funded it before the jet purchase. Iggy hadn't produced said plan, does he expect the govt to read his mind.
Pretending to care for his family is unbelievable considering his history. Walked out on his wife and kids, told his brother to ignore him in public, and spent little if any time with his mother, before or after her illness. I would say he is embarrassed by his family.

Pissedoff said...

I think if you read it all on Alberta Ardvark you will see he also tried to take credit for looking after her when in fact it was his brother.

Anonymous said...

It is extremely incredible that any Canadian would buy into this poppycock. Only the lefties could concoct such low-class rhetoric in order to score points, but then you have to consider the source -Viola, a hope for instant success and some traction to uplift the sagging fortunes of the (Toronto Gang) of misfits.
No miracles today guys.

Anonymous said...

So just because some idiot Tory posted something on their blog its true? I know the Ignatieffs and this is nothing farther from the truth.