Thursday, October 28, 2010

Iggy's "game"

Former Liberal strategist, Scott Reid, you know, the "beer and popcorn" guy, has opined a piece on what Michael Ignatieff needs to do to be winnable--"up his game."

How many times does this guy need to be resurrected from continued contradictions, pretending to 'get back to work', having thinkers' conferences, a blah blah tour, and now 'open mike' sessions (how clever!)?

Reid says that Harper hasn't been able to grow his support and is not a successful leader in a united Conservative Party (although he is the PM), yet in the same breath says that the reason we have perpetual minorities is because of the Bloc.  So why doesn't this logic also apply to the Liberal Party, Scott?  Your fearless leader Paul Martin, who was set to sweep the nation, didn't even come close all thanks to... a brand-spanking new united Conservative Party, and guess what, the Bloc.

You know, you can go on and on about what Ignatieff needs to do to win. You can look at Canadian political history and the comeback stories all you want.

You want my advice?

First thing, Mr. Ignatieff, that you should probably do, is actually SHOW UP TO WORK!

You see, his voting record is the worst out of 307 MPs.

You can't up your game unless you actually show up to play now can you?

h/t Ardvark


Anonymous said...

His image is confused and convoluted I don't think even the best strategy can save him.

Claiming that he lived paycheque to paycheque when the guy was making tons of money teaching and selling books seems to imply that that the fiscal management of prior six figure salary is horrific.

He needed to be that firm center-right leader that he was when we was in the United States, but instead he opted to hug the left and force the center to the right.

Calgary Junkie said...

I agree with anonymous, he's pretty well doomed, no matter what he does now. His credibility is just too low, and has BEEN low for about a year and a half.

And it's going to get worse for him during a campaign, when so many voters are paying close attention, and his every utterance will be fact-checked by tens of thousands of junkies on the internet.

He has woven such a tangled web of deceipt, that he is now trapped within it.

Anonymous said...

I do not live in Toronto, but was quite appauled by Mr. Smitherman's defeat speech. Four times, he ordered the audience to shut up, so I am sure that those suburbanites made a better choice on policy and personality.

The_Iceman said...

For a guy who encouraged the population to "kill Harper, kill him dead", he sure gets a lot of coverage on the CBC...