Monday, July 19, 2010

Iggy and Karma

I've been away working in Los Angeles but am back in Canada.  During that time, I couldn't help but read online of Michael Ignatieff's gaffes as of late.  So, although I'm late on blogging this, I just HAVE to say something. 

To try and present himself as a commoner, the Liberal leader kicked off his summer tour at the Calgary Stampede by saying that you can smell the sulphur coming off of Stephen Harper, which is a reference to the dark lord satan, as also previously quoted by Columbian president Hugo Chavez in talking about former U.S. president George W. Bush.

The next day, Ignatieff's bus breaks down and it gets repaired at Harper Diesel.  Oh the irony!!!

Then Iggy comments on his own sulphur comment ...

"Oh, c'mon, Evan, I was having a little fun here," Ignatieff later said in an interview from St. Albert, Ont., on Power & Politics with Evan Solomon. "This is about competing visions of Canada. Don't take it too seriously."

So, in Iggyspeak, does that mean, "Seriously if necessary but not necessarily seriously"?

Then we find out that this summer tour is really only a couple weeks, and besides Calgary and Saskatoon, the rest of the stops are in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.  So much for wanting to "breakthrough" in Western Canada.

Then Liberal candidate Bill Prout says,
“I abhor the fact that Canadians have been involved with torture to get information from prisoners” [emphasis mine].

In response, Iggy says,
"No member of the Liberal Party believes that Canadian soldiers have been directly involved in torture. That's not the issue. No one has ever said or will ever say in this party that Canadian soldiers were involved in torture."
But, but ... a Liberal member DID say that!

In Iggyspeak, is that, "Liberal members don't say they believe our soldiers are involved in torture if necessary, but not necessarily say they believe our soldiers are involved in torture"?

Iggy also has his top ten things he can't live without published. No mention of hockey, beer, or anything really related to what a typical Canadian would say, not even Algonquin Park? (h/t Arkvark).

Folks, if you didn't believe in karma before, you can't help but at least laugh at the string of intertwined events, us Conservative bloggers relish at the amount of daily Liberal fodder available, and if you're a Liberal, you HAVE to be shaking your head at the Count.


Jeff said...

Hatrock, repeating and re-repeating what the leader of the OLO said and did last week works for me.

You say you just returned from LA. I'm curious if you're seeing any signs that business is shifting away from the US and towards Canada given Obama's anti-business policies.

Frances said...

Forget the 'whiff of sulphur' remark; the man served SCRAMBLED EGGS at his Stampede breakfast. Oh, the shame of it!!

Mike B. said...

Jeff, there isn't an exodus of business going to Canada. What is happening is that Canadian businesses are seeing more buying and human resource opportunities in the U.S. and this is an economic factor. Americans are quite ignorant about Canada so they wouldn't think to move business up here. I do know people who are now seriously considering moving to Canada, due to it being more libertarian than the U.S. and I can't blame them. I find the U.S. very draconian in places (save Vegas, Chicago, and spots in NY).

Jeff said...

Thanks Hatrock.Sort of related is the bad-mouthing of the oil sands coming out of the US. Both the bad mouthing and the bad business climate stem from President Obama. I intend to buy Ezra Levant's "Ethical Oil" when it's released mid-August, memorize it (slight exaggeration, but I hope it underscores how strongly I feel about the topic), and push back with every so-called environmentalist who fulminates that the oil sands are bad.