Friday, July 23, 2010

Affirmative action

Hooray! The federal government is going to review its affirmative action policies

Cabinet ministers Stockwell Day and Jason Kenney announced the review of the Public Service Employment Act, along with any related practices and policies, on Thursday. “While we support diversity in the public service, we want to ensure that no Canadian is barred from opportunities in the public service based on race or ethnicity,” Mr. Day, the Treasury Board President, said in a statement.

Mr. Kenney, meanwhile, was more blunt in his calls for a meritocracy.

“I strongly agree with the objective of creating a public service that reflects the diversity of Canada, and with fair measures designed to reach that goal. But we must ensure that all Canadians have an equal opportunity to work for their government based on merit, regardless of race or ethnicity,” said the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.

Affirmative action is useless and unnecessary in this day and age in Canada. And doesn't it kind of violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms if we're putting hiring preferences over another equally qualified individual based on background, disability, and gender? Aren't we all equal?

What we should be looking at is not hiring practices but wage equality.

I work in the private sector and have been on contract with numerous clients, mostly large organizations and I'd say private sector hiring is even more diverse than the public sector. 

This is a welcomed move.

h/t Dr. Roy


Anonymous said...

Is the requirement of bilingualism for most government jobs (considering that a small percentage of this country are french speaking) affirmative action,discrimination, or just quebec BS of getting even for the Plains of Abraham??

Rob C

The_Iceman said...

I think it is entirely possible that the Tories are trying to bait the opposition into forcing an election at the nearest opportunity, and that there may have been a treaty reached in the Chretien-Broadbent negotiations.

I don't feel comfortable claiming that I have suffered from this affliction of whiteness. It has never taken me more than 15 minutes to get through airport security.

Patrick Ross said...

According to Scott Tribe, he thinks this is all part of a conspiracy to discredit these hiring practices.

Unfortunately for Mr Tribe, what occurred in this instance is itself a violation of those hiring practices. Under equity hiring, the first point of comparison is to be an individual's qualifications. Only if an individual's professional qualifications are deemed to be equal is race or ethnicity supposed to come into play.

I've always had limited patience for this "workplaces proportionally representative of Canadian society." Something like this was bound to happen sooner or later... and it almost certainly did happen sooner... we're only hearing about it now.

maryT said...

It would be great to have all the white candidates who applied to join the RCMP and were denied as they were only hiring minorites, would come forward. Or those denied employment in other fields due to race. When I worked for Canada Customs years ago, most job openings started, open to applicants earning between x and xx dollars. There were very few open applications to get in.

Fred from BC said...

Patrick Ross said...

According to Scott Tribe, he thinks this is all part of a conspiracy to discredit these hiring practices.

Scott Tribe is a notorious left-wing coward who routinely bans from his blog people who embarrass him once or twice (which is frighteningly easy to do, given the asinine nature of much of what he posts).

Right now he has a near hysterical obsession with this census thing...for the last 8 days, every post but one has been on that one topic (the sole exception was a post on *this* subject). Must be a good ten posts in all. Get help,'s too short to engage in such fanatical, obsessive behavior over such unimportant issues.

(plus, you don't want people thinking that you're bipolar or otherwise afflicted, right?)