Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Gov't introduces bill to cut benefits for inmates

The federal government is introducing a bill to cut off Old Age Security and the Federal Income Supplement for inmates that were eligible for these benefits at age 65.  They learned this when it was discovered that one of the most brutal murderers in North American history, Clifford Olson, was collecting about $1100 each month while incarcerated.  This will save the government about $10 million a year, which could probably be used for victim programs instead.

I'd say this is bill is WAY overdue and should pass.  Unless there are some real bleeding-heart pinko MPs in the opposition.  Yeah, I know, don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

Well first of all, the idea of the bill is terrific.

Second, like most bills that the public is fully in favour of .....it won't pass.

The usual elitist, legal community crowd will ensure that, because, as we all know, if the public is overwhelmingly if favour of something there must be something wrong with the idea. So therefore our intellectual betters in the legal community will oppose the concept because they are infinitely wiser and more compassionate than the knuckle dragging public.

So the usual collection of scumbag lawyers, unproductive legal academics, retired pompous-assed judges and too-lazy-to-represent-clients lawyers-turned-journalists
will go into fits pressuring our gutless MPs to NOT pass the bill.

It's doomed from the start.

Anonymous said...

But in keeping with my other comment let's live in fantasyland for a few seconds and pretend the bill DOES actually pass

(WTF!?! Maybe a dozen MPs were drunk or something)

Within a few hours of it being signed it would be challenged in court - and we all know how THAT will turn out.

Even if it made it to the SCOC ---(HA!!) then of course the SCOC would strike it down.

Those impossibly self important buffoons are completely predictable.

Then the public would scream and demand the government use the Notwithstanding clause to over rule the SCOC.

Anybody want to bet on the likelihood of tTHAT happening?

Nah, didn't think so.

If you want to keep inmates from collecting CPP, then claw it back in taxes and the lawyers & judges can shove their heads up their asses.

maryT said...

Can't stop them from getting their cpp if they contributed. This bill is about the OAS and the subsidy.
But, how many cons were every gainfully employed long enough to contribute to the cpp.