Monday, December 08, 2008

That's the Iggy

Well, it "seems" that Michael Ignatieff wants to follow his party's constitution and have the leadership race in May. But that'll only happen now if his old roommate Bob Rae stays in the race.

I'm telling ya, if Ignatieff becomes the interim leader and the Liberals defeat the budget in January, he'd wouldn't be smart embracing this coalition government. He also wouldn't be smart in him asking the Governor General for an election, but Stephen Harper would, because the Conservatives would get a majority.

So what Ignatieff will do is threaten an election or dangle the coalition so Harper puts a half-decent budget together, then pulls the numbers game to avoid both a coalition and delay an election until a later time. He'll have 15 or so of his caucus members abstain and the budget will pass.

Look, Iggy's a smart guy like Harper. They both see the long game and aren't much different on policy.

It's a very interesting chess game.

That's my prediction.

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