Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Egging on Iggy

Bob Rae just bowed out of the Liberal leadership as well in the name of "party unity", when just yesterday he was saying that not having a race probably wasn't a good idea. Man, Bob Rae is the master of changing his tune when it suits him, doesn't it? Anyone doubting he's a Liberal should have no doubt now!

So nicely played, Mr. Ignatieff. Use a crisis and panic to have everyone unify around you. Paul Martin didn't even do as well.

At least Stephen Harper fought TWO contentious leadership races, unifed two parties, and has won a second mandate. Martin didn't. Ignatieff lost a leadership race to Dion (!), isn't going to unify two parties, and I predict he won't win the next election either.

That is, if he wants a fight come January.

Even if Ignatieff is the leader of a coalition, Canadians don't want it. Iggy knows this.

So now we're left two scenarios for Ignatieff:

A) Defeat the budget and fight an election in February/March, which the Liberals would lose, and Iggy is mired as opposition leader for 4 years.

B) Build the Liberal party and fight an election next fall or thereafter. Much better chance at winning.

But don't you find it amazing how all Liberals sign a letter supporting Dion as leader of a coalition gov't, then the next week in a two day period, they dump him, and two leadership candidates drop out and support Ignatieff.

Just like that.

There was some MAJOR backroom play going on for Ignatieff and the Liberal party membership was completely shut out of the whole thing. And this coalition is shutting out the Canadian voter.

It's the Liberal way folks. Circumvent democracy at every turn.

Completely opposite of how Stephen Harper and the Conservatives climbed their way to the top.

Oh, and congratulations to Premier Jean Charest in winning a 7 seat majority in Quebec last night. Mario Dumont quits as ADQ leader (that party is done like dinner). I'd like to know how many folks who voted Bloc in the federal election voted Liberal in this Quebec election.

Anyway, back to federal...

You know what I think Harper is going to do? I think he and Flaherty are going to present another modest budget with some help for the auto and forest industry, but it just isn't going to be good enough for Iggy and Co. And Iggy is going to be caught in a tough spot. Now that he's crowned, and the Liberals are "unified", many Liberals are going to want to push for an election with their new leader.

Harper WANTS an election. He knows he'd win a majority.

Is Ignatieff's ego that big that he'll call Harper's bluff and have an election?

Or will he do the smart thing and wait?

The egg awaits.

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