Friday, December 05, 2008

Parliamentary Wars

On Thursday, after a long two hour conversation, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was able to get (convince?) Governor General Michaelle Jean to prorogue (dissolve) parliament until the end of January.

So yeah.. um, this "Coalition" now reminds me of the Trade Federation and it's falling apart and I'm narrowing down the choices for Darth Sidious.

I was going to say Gilles Duceppe, but the guy is just so straightfoward and honest, so he's not really sneaking around the back rooms, that is unless someone like Jack Layton approaches him first.

It's definitely not Stephane Dion. What, with a crappy video response to Harper's short address, how could he have the dark side with him? As well, he left a crack open for Harper to work with him on the budget after the House returns in January. I think he saw the backlash against this coalition and how he would be viewed by Canadians... a power hungry politician, and not a statesman.

And speaking of backlash, check out the latest poll numbers...

65% of Canadians (55% Quebeckers) approve the prorogation.

And if an election were held today...
IPSOS: CPC 46%, LPC 23%, NDP 13%, BQ 9%, GPC 8%
COMPAS: CPC 51%, LPC 20%, NDP 10%, BQ 8%, GPC 6%


So I've narrowed it down to two for the prize of Darth Sidious:
- Jack Layton
- Bob Rae

Bob's been wanting to marry the Liberals and NDP for many, many years and I think he sees it if he becomes Liberal Leader, he could reach out to the NDP and make that happen, like Chretien and Broadbent just did in getting this coalition off the ground in the first place. He's very pro-coalition and got leadership rival Michael Ignatieff to support Dion as the leader of the coalition, but Ignatieff doesn't really want to be a part of a coalition cabinet (very smart move).

So if Harper can compromise with Dion (forget the other two guys) and gain confidence of the house again on the budget in January, then Harper can come out on top and be like Luke Skywalker and defeat the dark side. Even if he doesn't and the Governor General calls for an election, with those poll numbers Harper will kick ass.

But, there's always Ignatieff. Maybe he's got metachorians in him too!

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