Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"It's Obama"

Former Clinton advisor, Dick Morris, talks about the Indiana and North Carolina primaries today, plus the result of the Clinton camp "secretly" trying to shore up the missing Florida and Michigan votes.

In summary, as I had said weeks ago, even before Pennsylvania, that Obama can't lose.

Morris goes into great detail on the Democratic Party process on what Hillary would have to do to win, and it's ugly.


Anything significant happening in Canada on the political scene? Is the "In and Out Scandal" in and out of the public's head? I think so. Is Stephane Dion too chicken to force and election? Yep. The Liberals are broke and aren't raising any money. Will Liberal Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff and newly elected MP Bob Rae continue to sneak behind the scenes and ensure they're ready when Dion loses the next election... badly? You bet your bollocks.

I've said it many times. The next federal election will be in October 2009, which is when, by law, the Conservative gov't set the date to start fixed election dates from here on in.

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