Thursday, May 15, 2008

Minimum Drink Prices

So the Stelmach Alberta government's solution to the two cops who were attacked over the weekend outside an Edmonton bar is to:

A) Hire more cops

B) Have better police training

C) Penalize the bar for poor security

D) Raise drink prices and limit happy hour for everyone

Well, if you said D, you are correct. Unfortunately.

This is a stupid, stupid idea. I've commented on this and raising the drinking age before. The government has no business in price regulation ... I know, I know.

But what happened to the $650,000 spent on the "Cage Your Rage" campaign. Remember that from back in June 2007? Ooh, wow, looks like it worked wonders!!!

Doesn't this government have better things to do?

I'll say it again ... I believe bars (any business for that matter) should be able to stay open whenever they want and set prices to whatever they want. Having more security and police in place, curbs anyone thinking of crossing the line. Think Vegas folks. Anyone unruly in Vegas, security is on you faster than you can imagine.

When police are unable to do their jobs, it's not the businesses' fault if operating legally. Instead of spending money on stupid laws and useless "awareness" campaigns, why not hire and train more police?

I've obviously got no problem with police enforcing the law. No one should. That's what they're there for! As a population grows, like in Edmonton, you're going to need more and more police.

So with higher and higher drink prices, does anyone really think anyone is going to drink less and prevent the odd idiot nimrod not be violent on the rare occasion? I don't think so.

I can't believe I'm even commenting on this. Premier Ed, sorry to say, but this is a really, really stupid idea and won't do a thing but hurt businesses trying to bring people into their establishments, make a buck and employ people.

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