Monday, July 16, 2007

The Return of "Haught vs. Naught"

Haught vs. Naught #6
(Where the "gh" is silent")

For starters, here's the archive of H vs. N from 2006:

It's interesting to read the happenings of our parliament back then, just over a year ago. No one remembers any of that, do they? Did you? I totally forgot.

Without further adieu:


The weather -- North America is undergoing a significant heatwave, including Edmonton. Kelowna is super haught. Here in Kansas, it's terribly hot and humid. Las Vegas is way up in the cent-teens (115F). Crazy. Listen for Kyoto krazed environazis calling it global warming. But being on recent holidays in the Okanagan and noticing the summer activity in Kansas, I'd say that everyone is enjoying it.

But perhaps external factors are causing this to happen, not just on earth, but everywhere in our solar system and others. In fact, maybe our solar system isn't even part of the Milky Way as we had originally thought. Welcome to Earth, part of the Sun solar system, which is in the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy (S-DEG). Cool. Er .. I mean HAUGHT!

The Canadian electorate -- It doesn't appear that we have to endure another silly summer in politics. Harper tends to avoid it and prefers the dirty burgers. Dion probably won't "bite either". Stampede was full of political hob-nobbing, but nothing pie-tacular happened. Watch Jack Layton speak and get more attention from the media as a result, but if an orange NDP tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear? Voters are haught for not listening to it and the rest of the politico and getting on with real life.


Shawn Hennessey & Dennis Cheeseman -- Two Mayerthorpe jerks in cohoots with James Rozko to kill four RCMP. Shameful.

Conrad Black -- Guilty. But I could care less. Why do others?

Jean Lafleur -- Guilty. 45 months. Ouch. So far, no Liberals have been convicted as far as I know.

Federal Liberals -- How many more Liberals are going to announce they're not running next election or jump ship? How much in debt are their former leadership hopefuls, including current leader? Ouch. I bet they all wait until they can write all this off.

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