Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't Squeeze the NDP!

A few notes about the Red Green Dion/May deal in Central Nova:

  • NDP support there is likely soft, so some votes will move from them to the Greens
  • Just because Dion endorses May, not all Liberal voters there are impressed by this deal and Liberal votes will distribute evenly to the Greens, NDP, and Conservatives, splitting the left
  • Peter Mackay wins with an even a larger margin
  • I'd assume many Liberals are upset by Dion taking the party too far to the left trying to grab NDP votes, so Dion tries to go on about the Conservatives being anti-business.
  • How can Dion call Harper a right-wing neo-conservative one week then call him anti-corporate the next is a bit confusing, no?

Essentially, each party has become what their leader is:

  • The Liberals have become the party of the affluent academics who have an opinion on everything but offer no concrete, realistic solutions, nor can we understand what they're really trying to say due to the many contradictions
  • The NDP are no longer the party of the environment, losing that issue to the Greens
  • It's still not easy being Green
  • The Bloc are losing out to soft-nationalists who have turned to the ADQ and Conservatives for new hope. They're sick of being bribed and being in a state of dependency where their leaders were always asking for more and more, but saw that the province was not really going anywhere.
  • The Conservatives are the party of middle class families and the military--the silent majority.

And a side question for the bleeding heart anti-war pinkos out there... Why do you want somebody to do something about Darfur but pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq?

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