Monday, April 02, 2007

Adscam? I thought that was over!

So, you thought the sponsorship scandal was over, didn't you? The auditor reported, arrests were made, people were sentenced, Liberals lost the election, and that was that.

Well, no. "It ain't over until we decide it is!"

They're just scratching the surface folks.

"Police continue to investigate federal bureaucrats, ad executives, and Liberal party organizers suspected to have taken part in the kickback scheme. "

Read on!

So here's a party that tries to trigger an election by voting against the Conservative budget, but luckily with Bloc support it passes, then they attack the Conservatives for trying to rig an election. Wait, didn't Liberal leader Stephane Dion say they "must go back to power as soon as possible"?

What, is being in government the only way they can try to cover up more scandals?

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