Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pinkos confuse me

So let me get this straight.

The Liberals recently brought forth a motion to have Canadian troops pull out of Afghanistan by 2009 (the NDP want us out NOW), which would leave the Taliban to continue their fascist regime and terrorize the population by stripping their human rights away (especially from women), yet they lambast Defense Minister, Gordon O'Connor, due to alleged knowledge of prisoner abuse by Afghanis?

While pinkos (eg. Liberals, NDP, and Bloc) have been asking Western governments to do "something" about the massacre in Darfur, Sudan (what, they don't really say), they want us to pull out of Afghanistan and leave the women and children to further abuse.

I don't get it? Do they expect these situations to be all roses, sunshine, and hackysacks when we go in? Don't they realize it takes time to secure an area before you can build infrastructure like housing, schools, hospitals, and markets?

What utopian dreamland do they think this is? "Hello Mr. Terrorist, I love you, will you be my friend?"

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