Monday, May 04, 2015

Alberta election-eve 2015

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 It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas for the NDP.

The Wildrose, originally optimistic, have failed to be the once expected default anti-PC vote, despite a calm campaign with short directed policy messages.  Few know who Brian Jean really is, although a 4 year MP for the Conservatives in the Ft. Mac region, his last minute leadership ignition didn't have enough juice to maintain momentum from an initial high polling spot.  Government is not in reach for Jean, but an official opposition status within an NDP minority is their best outcome. That said, quite the turnaround for a party that was almost written off after Danielle Smith and company jumped ship to the PCs, only to be burned in the end.  At least it looks like they will recover.

Now, while the PCs continue to dig deep into the well of fear, with big corporatism fueling the fire on threats to hold back children's charitable donations to maintain the bottom line over NDP tax increases while they hypocritically turn around and donate to the PCs, a big thud was heard amongst pissed-off voters causing a further backfire upon the PC entitlement machine.

Contrast that with the calm, caring, and likable Rachel Notley.

So while these corporate executives tied to the 44 year long-governing PCs fire off grenades of fear and doom and gloom scenarios coupled with PostMedia dictating to its newspapers to endorse the PCs in editorials, added to the not-forgotten Redford expense scandals, contracting favours and backroom deals, these events still continue to burn brightly in the minds of voters.

And with that, it's ironic that Rachel's father, Grant Notley, who tragically died long ago as NDP leader, that his spirit along with Jack Layton's somehow appear to have a stronger influence on this campaign than actual living corporate executives, the thousands of dollars buying the vote, and Jim Prentice's own living campaign.

So, lest we forget, the immortal last words of Jack:

“My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world.”

He's right. At least for Alberta NDP supporters anyway.

Vote on May 5th.  And it's true, don't let others decide for you.  

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fernstalbert said...

Albertans should vote with conviction - not fear. The NDP as minority government with a Wildrose Official Opposition sounds perfect to me!!! Prentice and the PC's were too cute by half and miscalculated the anger of Albertans who were tired of so called Conservatives governing like Red Liberals. Why vote PC when the real deal is available in the NDP. Good luck to all and let the voting begin.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for fear for the simple reason we are no longer talking about an NDP minority, we are looking like an NDP majority which would be disastrous. Unless the polls are way off (even more so than in 2012 or BC in 2013) its pretty much a foregone conclusion the NDP will come in first votewise and considering the size of the lead if the WRP and PCs split the vote evenly it will mean an NDP majority.

ward said...

Jack Layton was a weasel who was caught in a brothel. Putting him in the same sentence as grant notley is a real disservice to notley