Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Public art

You wonder why some of us fiscal conservative types want to reduce or eliminate public art funding?

This "art" is being placed next to the Whitemud Drive-Quesnell Bridge on-ramp--an area that was newly reconstructed to add lanes to the bridge and freeway.  This is also an area of much natural beauty--the North Saskatchewan River, the forests, Whitemud Creek Park, the Equine Centre, hiking and bike trails, and just across Fox Drive is a small farm.

Yep.  Our River Valley has amazing natural beauty.  But when I think of it, I ask, "Nevermind trees or shrubs.  Who needs that?  You know what we need?  $500k+ in shiny steel ball mounds.  That'll blend in perfectly!"

Like, seriously.  Who approved this crap?


Anonymous said...

Be careful you don't hurt the feelings of the freeloading taxpayer
funded Arteeest . Remember what happened to Crista Erickson (SUN NEWS) when she asked the hand dancer freeloading Arteeest questions she didn't like.

Rob C

Anise said...

Must be a Mandel special.

What a pile of crap!

hunter said...

Maybe kids can toboggan down it this winter! Sure blends into our natural river valley....what a piece of garbage.

rj65 said...

Years ago Jan Reimer put those tiles on the Whitemud on the south side. Al Adair saw it, asked Jan how much it cost and then reduced Edmonton's transportation grant by that amount in the following year.

I guess this is too much to expect from the Province.

Frances said...

Edmonton should do what Calgary has done - place 'art' in the form of tinted concrete designs along the sides of under/overpasses. Good example is the overpass on the TransCanada near the Foothills Hospital (links that hospital with the Alta Children's one) - some trees & hills. Nothing fancy, but is much better than smooth gray concrete. And I doubt Calgary originated this.

Public art is fine, but needs to be contextual.

ebt said...

Actually, I kind of like this sculpture, but I admit it's really just a load of old balls.

Bob said...

What moron ok'd this expenditure? Whoever did should have to pay for it then display it on their front lawn!