Monday, November 21, 2011

More reasons to not support AB PC gov't...

1) .05 alcohol blood limit allows police to seize your vehicle..
2) $3.1 billion deficit higher than expected so bring in health care premiums!

1) .05: So without due justice and right, police can suspend your license and seize your vehicle for 3 days.  I'm told in BC that this has really hurt the service industry.  Sure, have .05, but why not just let it be a ding on your demerits or insurance.  For a big guy like me, .05 is nothing.

2) Premiums:  So instead of curtailing spending, what do these geniuses come up with?  Reintroducing health care premiums (read: tax).  This will bring in about $1 billion annually.  What's stupid is that many companies (like mine) that provided this benefit have already adjusted their budgets for other employee benefits (e.g. RRSPs, profit sharing).  So in a way, this will hurt jobs and income if companies have to readjust.  But it really hurts lower-middle income folks too, like over 25 year old single parents going back to school for retraining, so it's just stupid, lazy policy that doesn't curtail anyone from visiting the doctor.

Come on people.  40 years is enough of this joke of a gov't.  How anyone who calls themselves a conservative can continue to support the PCs is beyond me.  An election is this Spring.  Do the province a favour and turf these power grubbing morons.


Unknown said...

.05 BAC is a concentration. Concentration is not dependent on size.

hatrock said...

But depletion rate is dependent on weight, tolerance, recent food eaten.

Erick said...

Now a liberal has crossed the floor of the legislature. The MLA says that she agrees with Premier Redford's policies.


Anonymous said...

Just rename them to The Alberta Teacher's Union Party.

And vote Wild Rose..

Anonymous said...

Teachers in (Edmonton) Alberta are making more money than anywhere else in North America. $110000,00 with 10 years experience and one teachers degree /certificate.

Alberta spends more per capita on health care than any other province ($5500 per person compared with $5000 in Ontario and $3500 in Quebec)

In Alberta the cost of labour is high and the government has to compete with high paying private sector petroleum industry jobs in an economy where the unemployment rate is very low.

Alberta also has no PST to pay for this porc barrel spending and it's a catch 22, the lack of PST is keeping head offices in Calgary, but the overspending is creating massive deficits. The deficit spending is to keep the employment rate low on the short term to keep people moving to Alberta which keeps real estate values inflating and keeps the growth going.

What has happened is that small businesses have gone out of business because they can't attract the workers that the public sector is buying with high paying government jobs.

When borrowing costs will start becomming more painful, austerity measures will be put back into place. Hospital closures, health care premiums, user fees, buy yourself out of jail cards will be used as a cash cow to pay for building new jails and prevent them from getting full as the new C-20 law comes into effect.

Got caught with 0.51 % alcohol? fixed prison sentences, long term jail. Don't get upset, that would be resisting arrest, another fixed prison sentence, no discretion by juges, go directly to jail, or pay expensive bail (tax) to get out.

It will be worse once the United Nations implements a carbon tax and sanctions against Canada.