Thursday, July 07, 2011

Leadership races

Hey, now that Will and Kate have completed their Canadian journey, did you know that the Alberta PC Party is having a leadership race?  Did you even know that Premier Ed Stelmach is stepping down this fall sometime?  Do you know that the PC Party has been the governing party in Alberta for 40 years?   Well, it's all true!

Can you name all the candidates?  Can you name three?  Does it matter who wins?

Oh and did you know the Alberta Liberals are having a leadership race too?  Does anyone care?  Who's running?

Well, there are a lot of candidates.  Seems everyone wants to be premier these days.  And don't forget about Danielle Smith from the Wildrose Party (they dropped the Alliance part).  Oh and the new (old) Alberta Party has a leader too but I forget his name.  I know he's the mayor of Hinton though.  Then there's the old vet, Brian Mason of the NDP.

More importantly, did you know that the pub near the Leg. that Alberta MLAs frequent is no longer in operation?  It's true.  A month ago, Martini's Pub and Grill, a staple neighbourhood pub on 109 Street and 99 Avenue, one of my favourite establishments, closed its doors after a bazillion years in business.

I know, I'm not happy about it either.


Unknown said...

I didn't know that part about the Alliance name dropping. Never heard of that bar either.

Anonymous said...

If those "what's their face" royals have finished their tour of Canada, who are those imposters at the Calgary Stampede?