Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Comin' out of the Cabinet

I didn't bother to make any Conservative government cabinet speculation.  Why?  Because I really think most Canadians don't care.  I will make some comments on the updated cabinet itself, however.

The cabinet:

  • grew by one member to 39 (it was much smaller when Harper first took office, now it's like the biggest evar!)
  • is as large as Mulroney's cabinet was (don't get any ideas)
  • is bigger than the entire Liberal caucus (ok, now you can)
  • John "The Bulldog" Baird is at Foreign Affairs -- he's one of Harper's best and hopefully he further improves Canada's standing in the world
  • Julian Fantino is now the new Associate Minister of National Defense -- that's an odd one
  • Maxime "Mad Max" Bernier is in as a junior at Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism
  • Jason Kenney stays on at Immigration but takes on Chair of Gov't Operations Committee (supposedly really important)
  • Tim Uppal (Edmonton-Sherwood Park) is now in at Minister of State for Democratic Reform. We'll be watching this one closely now that a former Reform MP is the Prime Minister with a majority government and majority senate.

Two hard working Edmonton MPs that didn't get in, that really should have been considered are:
  • Laurie Hawn -- Who would make the perfect Veterans Affairs Minister (he being a veteran)
  • James Rajotte -- Treasury Board or something financial.  James is very smart

For further comments, read CalgaryGrit.

Oh, and someone mentioned that they could fit the entire Bloc Quebecois caucus in their car. Just sayin'.

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Chris C said...

And you could get the entire Green caucus on a bike. Entitely appropriate for a Green member.

That's assuming she doesn't fall off.