Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carbon tax/cap-n-trade kiboshed

Good news!

OTTAWA -- Conservatives have kiboshed a carbon tax, Environment Minister Peter Kent confirmed Thursday.

"It's off the table," he told reporters Thursday after accepting an award from World Wildlife Fund International on behalf of Parks Canada.

"There's no expectation of cap-and-trade continentally in the near or medium future."
B.C. has a carbon tax.  What has it done to curb anything other than jack up the price of gas (not that it needs to go up further)?

It's ridiculous to me that in Canada, it being a very large country to transport goods, that about 1/3 of fuel costs is taxed.  It's equally ridiculous how much the oil companies mess around with prices.  Supply and demand my ass.  High fuel costs are hard on manufacturers, farmers, airlines, transport, and even governments themselves who pass on all of the costs onto you and me.

Nixing a carbon tax is good first step, but lowering fuel taxes and putting a check on oil companies price gouging would go even further and actually help our economy and growth.

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Anonymous said...

just one small problem...

Price controls was one facet of Trudeau's bloody NEP.
We all know how that turned out.