Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas comeback

While starting my shopping today, I was quite happy to hear all the store clerks not wish me happy holidays or seasons greetings, but a Merry Christmas.

And so to all my readers and your families, from all of us here at Hatrock's Cave, we pass on those good wishes by hoping you all have a Merry Christmas and be good to each other always!


lynda said...

Christmas shopping this year I decided that if I said Merry Christmas to a staff member and they didn't wish merry christmas back I would not shop there.
I only walked out of one store.
Nice to hear Merry Christmas and the Christmas songs as I shop.
Christmas is for children and I am a child at heart all year but especially at Christmas.
Merry Christmas to everyone.

Rural and Right said...

I have been finding the same thing, being wished "Merry Christmas" by store cashiers and clerks. I get the feeling that Canadians are sick and tired not saying what they feel to avoid the rare case that some one might get offended by being wished a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays everyone!

Joe said...

Just finished a coffee at the local coffee shop. The Muslim owner wished me a Merry Christmas. I then went to the grocery store where the Hindu clerk wished me a Merry Christmas. At the department store the clerk wished me a Merry Christmas. In fact I have only had one happy holidays greeting all season. When I responded with Merry Christmas the clerk laughed and wished me a Merry Christmas

bertie said...

I have had several store clerks say happy holidays and i right on the spot ask what holidays??The jewish holiday is over is it not??So the only one going on now is Christmas.If ever someone says they are offended,just tell them you are offended that they are offended & wish them a merry Christmas.