Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Federal seat projections

I read Liberal blogs often and there's a few that are valuable resources on nominations, election results, and polling data.  This post by blogger Calgary Grit is significant as it shows the Conservatives have improved their odds at winning a majority if an election were held now.  While the odds average around 17% at winning, it is perhaps showing that now the Conservatives have penetrated the Toronto Liberal fortress by winning the byelection in the riding of Vaughan, a Liberal stronghold for 22 years, that there's some momentum here. 


Anonymous said...

Calgary Grit is a partisan hack, the odds are better than 17% at this point. It will all depend on how the next election is called, if the opposition vote down a sensible budget the campaign is the Tory's to lose. Iggy has foot in mouth disease and won't survive 36 days of media exposure. Harper might even make it a longer campaign depending on the timing.

Anonymous said...

The more prepared you are the shorter the election you can hold. A long election gives the real opposition, the media, more time to attack and muck rake conservatives. Things to consider. (real conservative)