Thursday, December 17, 2009

You tell 'em Ed!

Responding in this manner is how Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach can win my vote back.

Premier responds to harsh comments made by Ont. and Que.

Updated: Wed Dec. 16 2009 18:15:04
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach is fighting back against some harsh comments made by Quebec and Ontario in Copenhagen. The premier is now questioning the rationale behind the two provinces calling Alberta's oilsands as an "embarrassment."

The two provinces also used terms usually saved for activists like tar sands instead of oil sands when referring to Alberta at the UN Climate Change conference.

"Our biggest fear is that the feds may try to use the good work that's been done by [Ontario and Quebec] as part of their overall goal, and thereby allow the tar sands development to proceed without hesitation," said Ontario Environment Minister John Gerretsen.

Stelmach told CTV News Wednesday that the "finger pointing" by Quebec and Ontario was frustrating to deal with. 

He said Alberta sends more than $21 billion to help other provinces, believing all of Canada is cashing in on the oilsands.

"If this leads to really killing Alberta's economy who is going to support the programs in other provinces?". 

Laurie Adkin, a University of Alberta political professor believes Stelmach's message may be more than just environmental concerns.

"He may be trying to say the Conservatives are strong defenders of Albertan's interests even if their framing of Alberta's interest is a questionable one," said Adkin.

Actually professor, he's simply saying to socialist ministers out East that they're a bunch of hypocrites and can't have it both ways.


CanadianSense said...

Great post.

Patrick Ross said...

Yep. They love to complain about the oilsands, but they'd bawl to high heaven if the cash spigot were ever closed.

Meanwhile, Ontario and Quebec ship their oil in from the Middle East and Mexico. An awfully big carbon footprint there.

It's the kind of thing that makes a person want to say "let 'em freeze in the dark".