Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can the Liberals stoop any lower? Probably.

Lately on the official Liberal Party of Canada website, they have a contest running and have been showing mocked-up photos of Stephen Harper submitted by folks who take up the 'challenge'.  This is a total rip-off of Rick Mercer's Photo Challenge, and waaay less humourous.

Now I'm a pretty easy going guy, and I love mock photos, and having it on a third-party blog or website is one thing, but when you show the Prime Minister of Canada (I don't care which party) being assassinated on Canada's official opposition party's official website, it says something about your party and organization doesn't it?


Here's their response:
A note to all viewers:

We thank all participants in this photo challenge who have submitted their entries for consideration.  Our intent was to engage Canadians concerned about the Prime Minister’s reluctance to attend the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

The photos here are created by visitors to our website, and do not always reflect the views of the Liberal Party of Canada
[emphasis mine]Though we continue to screen submissions before posting, we have removed certain images that may have been offensive to some viewers.

We apologize for any offence these images may have caused, and continue to strive to present a progressive and dynamic web experience for our site visitors.

The Web Team

What a bunch of friggin' cop-outs.  Nice screening there.  I have no clue why anyone continues to support this joke of party.

h/t Ezra

UPDATE:  Kady O'Malley over at CBC.ca has commented on this as are a lot of people, saying pretty much the same thing.

UPDATE DEUX:  CTV Politics has picked it up as the main story.  It'll probably make the 6:00 news.

UPDATE TROIS: And CBC has it. Now it's out there and on TV.


Anonymous said...

You find Rick Mercer "humourous", really?

Patrick Ross said...

Well, suggesting Harper was planning to establish a military police state was a bad idea, too. But they made those ads all the same...

Not smart people at all.

gimbol said...

Any bets WK won't be doing anymore volunteer work at the liberal war room anytime soon?

Patrick Ross said...

Well, the Liberals broke his rules.

In Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics, he tells you to never apologize for your spot, because it just draws more attention to it.

In this case, they're drawing attention to someone else's "spot". Which they used. And now they're apologizing for.

For me, the more pertinent question is: why isn't the Liberal Party referring that person to a psychiatrist? They desperately need professional help.

Mike B. said...

Patrick, it was Warren himself who publicly said on TV the party apologized for it. But he did this while trying to show the hypocrisy of the Conservatives and the "bullet hole" Dion ad on their website back in the campaign.

Needless to say, it played one day in the media and Warren was able to thwart it. If he didn't, it would have last 2 or 3 days.

Patrick Ross said...


That's interesting. Maybe getting himself shuffled out of the upper echelons of the Liberal organization has led to a newer, more mellow Kinsella.

As for the whole "bullet hole" thing -- yawn. The holes in question didn't look like bullet holes to me. Bullet holes are usually rounder.