Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canadian Federalection 2008 - Hatrock on GlobalTV and Results

Hey if you were watching Global TV last night, you would have seen me at the Rahim Jaffer Campaign wearing my Conservative Party hockey jersey giving a live interview with Carolyn Jarvis. It was fun, and she thanked me for a good interview. I can't find the interview online though. Oh well. I also had a short interview on CFCW radio.

I basically said that Rahim has always been a grassroots kind of guy and that the race was tight because even Liberals in the riding rejected Dion's carbon tax and they all rallied behind the NDP, who were running an excellent campaign and I commended them for that.

Then I got tonnes of calls, texts, and emails.

All that said, I'm disappointed that Rahim didn't win. His wife, Helena won handily, so Rahim is certainly not out of federal politics, and hopefully Conservative supporters who didn't show up to vote are now motivated next election. Voter turnout was 65% in the riding, which is one of the highest in the land and especially Alberta, so the lefties in the area were well organized and did a great job in GOTV (get out the vote).

Recap of my predictions...

At beginning of campaign (with actual results):
157 Conservatives (143)
70 Liberals (76)
40 Bloc Quebecois (50)
40 NDP (37)
1 Independent (2)
0 Green (0)

Election Day Revised (with actual results):
147 Conservatives (143)
75 Liberals (76)
50 Bloc Quebecois (50)
40 NDP (37)
1 Independent (2)
0 Green (0)

Not bad eh?

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