Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Big Brother E-Town

Well, to think they're going to solve problems, the brilliant city is now installing security cameras at Jasper Avenue and 109 Street.

They tried the same bloody thing on Whyte Avenue years ago, yet someone was still stabbed--right next to the light post which had a camera on it.

And of course a local bar owner is going to cooperate. What's he supposed to say?

Mike Sainchuk, co-owner of several bars in the area, said he supported the pilot project..

"I think it's great. We're a huge proponent of the cameras coming downtown," he said.

Sainchuk uses cameras both inside and outside his bars.

"People know there's cameras in here. Nobody wants to be the guy that next day that has his face stuck on camera, doing something dumb, so they work. They work great," he said.

So Mike if it works so great, then why do problems still persist? Why would they need to put more cameras near your establishments even though you have cameras? Didn't thwart a friend of mine from being beaten to a pulp by some thugs behind your bar just because he's gay. Where was security? What about the cameras? Did they catch the guys? Um... no.

People. People. People. Thinking that more robocops will help enforce anything is nuts and dangerous. Why aren't we simply using more actual real police.

Since we've had more police on Whyte Avenue, reports of problems have dropped.

And let's take Las Vegas for example. You don't see too many cops around on the strip. Why? Well yes because there's tonnes of surveillance outside and inside the hotels and casinos. But these are actually manned, plus the countless pit bosses, and plain clothes security guys all over the place. PLUS the fact that these are PRIVATE establishments.

The gov't has no business or right to put cameras outside to monitor your actions despite whether it's a trial project, only used at certain times, whatever.

And I never buy the argument that, "Well, if you're not doing anything illegal, then there's nothing to worry about". Watch that slippery slope there! Who knows what's next. Regulating drink prices? Oh wait...

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