Thursday, July 31, 2008


By now, you've probably heard of last night's incredibly horrible and unbelievable stabbing and beheading on a Greyhound bus going from Edmonton to Winnipeg. Being from downtown Edmonton where I live, work, and play, I can actually see the Greyhound station from my window, which is only a couple blocks from my office. Which means, this deranged lunatic was walking amongst us and me yesterday.

We're talking about it in the office and either the murderer is completely insane, was on drugs (although people said he was normal during a bus stop break), or it was a gang hit. Hits are usually quick aren't they? Or is this trying to send a message to rivals? What would possess anyone to stab someone who was sleeping on a bus 70 times all over and behead them. It's totally barbaric.

I think the nation is in massive shock right now, let alone what the other passengers and bus driver must be going through.

There's been a string of absolutely crazy crimes happening around here this past week. Flashers, rapes, setting pets on fire, arsons, break and enters, murders, ... like what's going on here? Is there some new goofy drug in town?


daisies said...

its insane ... shocking ... sigh, i really have no words ...

AWGB said...

I think the guy was just crazy. Edmonton's getting more that way all the time. The whole planet's gone pete tong.