Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My father said it best...

I haven't made many comments on the Canadian federal political scene in a while. Many Blogging Tories are already doing a good job of pointing out the foibles of Stephane Dion and the Liberal Party of Canada--their so-called opposition to the recent budget, the Afghanistan mission extension vote, and the omnibus crime bill (which finally passed in the Liberal-dominated Senate), among other things.

NDP leader Jack Layton even had some fun with putting forward five non-confidence motions, which, in order to pass and call an election, would require the Liberals to vote in favour of them.

But did the Liberals vote at all? Most didn't even show up for any of the votes. They let the budget pass, the Afghan mission to continue, crime bill now law, and still apparently have confidence in the government.

With the way things continue, I don't think they'll be an election until October 2009, which is a for-sure because Prime Minister Stephen Harper introduced and passed fixed election dates a while back.

To sum this all up... my father said it best..

"Harper's got the opposition spinning around so much they don't know what's going on!"
How very true.

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