Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lowest Planet Taxes

Prime Minister made a speech to the Canadian Club today with some great tax sound bites:

"one of the most competitive and attractive tax environments on the planet."
I now wonder what taxes are like on other planets. The carbon tax on Mars must be really high (even though it's poles are melting too).
"Federal taxes will fall to the level they were at in the last year (1963) of the Diefenbaker government -- before the policies of the late 1960s, before Trudeau -- back to the lowest level in nearly half a century"
Ah yes, before socialism.
"the lowest corporate income tax rate among the major developed economies"
Oh no! Not those evil corporations like Ford and GM who provide thousands of jobs in Ontario!
"These are economists who believe the GST is a good tax; which of course comes from the school of economics that believes there's such a thing as good taxes,"
Harper is obviously not one of those economists.
"The Liberals' opposition to tax cuts should deeply trouble you, should deeply trouble every Canadian taxpayer,"
They always have.
"[Bob Rae] spent five years using Ontario as a lab experiment for tax, spend and borrow policies,"
Yep. And like Trudeau, Ontarians have been paying for it ever since.
"And keeping taxes down, not raising them back up, is key to keeping this country moving in the right direction,"
Yeah, no kidding. That's the most libertarian thing Stephen Harper has ever said.

These are the kinds of speeches I like to hear. Bravo!

Now let's hope continued tax relief announcements are made in the 2008 budget. But I get the feeling that there won't be any. Maybe a reduction in the middle rate, that would be nice.

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