Friday, March 23, 2007

Why the budget is not an F

In knowing the history of how federal programs sometimes "work", I hope that the new Working Income Tax Benefit implemented in the budget does work and get people over the welfare wall. Read more about it here.

I know some people who are on welfare who are fully capable of working, have no health problems, but just can't get off their asses to do much of anything except live off the people around them and the taxpayer. They justify it saying they "make" more on welfare, there's no jobs out there (which there are a plenty of), but this attitude has got to stop.

What can also benefit is a better accessibility to student loan programs, say for new single parents who need a career change. The loan amounts also need to be increased so students can spend more time studying than having to work part time so much to top up their income. While loan repayments can be stretched out over a long, long period and the interest can be written off, a bigger graduation loan remittance incentive should be in place too.

Some people say this is a bit much, but think about it ... with your new job, you'll be paying enough in taxes soon enough to have paid for it anyway.

The Harper government has taken a big step with this working benefit, how about another step with a schooling one too?

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