Monday, March 26, 2007

Poly Sci paper

A dear Liberal friend of mine is about to write a paper for a Poly Sci class. Here's the synopsis:

"Discuss the establishment of Canada's social 'safety net' in the middle
decades of the 20th century, and the pressures that have led to cutbacks in social programs in the last two decades."
Is it me or does this sound quite socialistic--"pressures" seem to tend to the left and "cutbacks in .. last two decades" just doesn't seem quite true, does it? Here's what I rambled together as a recommended conclusion; not sure if she'll use any of it:

"The establishment of Canada's social safety net in the 50's and more so in the 60's, while well intentioned, has created a Ponsi scenario, whereby future generations pay for the cost of the present and the past, thus causing the years of high deficits and high debt to pay for it all. This of course resulted in taxes of all kinds (income, CPP, EI, GST, etc.) being created and thus rising in the decades preceding it, plus massive interest payments on the debt which still currently make up the largest budget expense.

"This higher tax revenue coupled with cuts to these programs in the 90's resulted in large and continued budgetary surpluses. These governments, whether Liberal or Conservative, have used the resulting surpluses for new spending on small and large programs to satisfy various lobby groups and minorities, social transfers to provinces that demand more because they cannot get their own fiscal house in order, and to socially engineered tax rebates targetted to whichever voting block the governing party needs to attract in order to win a majority of seats in the next election.

"Essentially, over the decades, the federal government has setup itself to bribe voters with their own money to vote for them. Families, especially lower and middle class ones, now must have both parents working, one to pay for the essentials, and the other to pay for the taxes, which of course increases production and our domestic product for a more vibrant economy, but it also increases the amount of income tax the government actually takes in. So not only are we being bribed with our own money, but parents have been inslaved in the economy, by working more overtime, taking less holidays, which results in one or both parents not being at home enough to actually perform a proper parental role for the children. The resulting stress on the family is then a strain on the health care system and in providing a proper home for the children. It is no wonder why divorce rates have increased along with the higher tax regime on families and why the government then uses tax money that parents are trying to pay for to try and provide day care for children with working parents. This scenario is completely backwards and a drain on society and Canada's future as a whole.

"The social safety net was intentioned as a temporary measure to provide for those lower income and poor who slip through the cracks of the economy. It is now used to provide for the middle class as well, but the increase in their taxes has resulted in many not being able to get ahead, pay off debt, or save for the future. Individuals and families make cuts to their budget all the time to help pay for basic necessities. It is high time that governments started doing the same and return that money back to the individuals and families who earned it in the first place."

What are your thoughts?

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