Monday, May 07, 2018

Rah Rah Ras Putin continues his grip

A quick timeline of Vladimir Putin's reign over Russia:

1999 - On the surprise resignation of Boris Yeltsin, Putin became acting Russian President

2000 - Elected as President for a 4 year term

2004 - Elected as President for a 4 year term

2008 - Putin's puppet Dimitry Medvedev elected as President for 4 year term.  Medvedev appoints Putin as Prime Minister.  Soon, the 4 year term limit is increased to 6 years.

2012 - Putin elected as President for 6 year term.

2014 - Russia hosts the Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Russia invades and annexes Crimea from Ukraine and to this day, continues a microwar in Eastern Ukraine.

2018 - At 65 years of age, Putin is elected as President for 6 year term.  He'll be 71 in 2024.

Let me guess.  In 2024, Medvedev will be President and Putin will be appointed Prime Minister for 6 years.

Without a doubt, Vladimir Putin is and will be the most successful politician of my generation having served as a leader over a country that "elects" for 30 years.

Meanwhile over 1600 protesters have been arrested.

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