Thursday, November 24, 2016

Referendum on electoral reform?


Oh, how arrogant the Liberals can be. Maryam Monsef, the Minister for Democratic Institutions, the person who is actually supposed to ensure democracy, doesn't believe in it.  She doesn't believe the very people who voted for her and her Trudeau government can be trusted with having a vote on a system they wanted unconstitutionally to ram through.

"I've been quite clear from the very beginning that I don’t believe that a referendum is the best way to go about having a really complex conversation about an important public policy issue like electoral reform," Monsef told reporters in Ottawa Thursday morning.
Monsef says referendums have low voter turnout and are expensive, and said her personal opinion is that they’re divisive. But she said the special committee has the ability to suggest ways to gauge whether there’s broad support for a change to how Canadians elect their governments.
So, apparently, electoral reform is too 'complex' an issue for us minions.  And if it's such an "important public policy issue" (which it is), then is it not important enough to   This has "insenaty" written all over it.  The double-plus ungood double-speak from Liberals on any progress with electoral or senate reform goes back to the beginning of Confederation.

What are they afraid of?  Are they afraid that if it did go to a referendum the people will see through their rhetoric and nanny-state ways and reject their proposal?

I don't ever buy it when a politician says "I've crisscrossed our great land from one end to the other, speaking with average citizens and they tell me that actually [they agree with what I say]".  Yet, they really don't offer any proof they did just that nor is there any documentation of what people actually said.

So, if it's such a complex and important issue to say you spoke with average citizens (read: party rallies) to get their input, and you must have spent a lot of our taxpayer money to fly and drive around, why is a referendum now so expensive and not good enough to hear from said citizens.

And if it's "too divisive", is not ramming through a policy that the people have not had a say on literally being divisive?

When it comes to Canadians having a say on their own democratic institutions, the blatant, divisive, and arrogant hypocrisy of these Trudeau Liberals knows no bounds.

If there's one referendum I'd like to have right now, it's to say "Yes" to having this supposed minister of democracy step down.


Anonymous said...

A referendum is, wait for it, "divisive"... LOL! Who said lying Iranians don't have a sense of humour, Monsef sure does. The "referendum is divisive" narrative was used by the Libranos when they unilaterally changed the flag too... or when they imposed the Trudeau Charter... Liberal logic says that when Liberals want to change the way the country is run, or how the country is governed or what symbols representing the country will survive Liberal vandalism is "too divisive" to ask Canadians opinion... To unilaterally impose changes the Liberals desire is NOT "divisive", ta da... asking for permission, "divisive" not asking for permission and simply imposing the Liberal ideology, not divisive... LOL. Trudopia sure is a funny place, in a fascist way.

Frances said...

OTT but you seem to have moved to Twitter. I don't tweet, but always enjoyed reading your essays. Please come back to the blog.

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