Monday, July 18, 2016

Conservative leadership "a yawnfest"

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The Calgary Stampede is one of those mandatory events for politicians at all levels to don cowboy gear and swoon party-goers with pancakes and parties.  What I find odd is the poor timing of a local Calgary candidate Deepak Obhrai to enter the race when Stampede came to a close.  Or Tony Clement, who's no stranger to the circuit, announced then as well.  You'd think they'd take advantage of this top silly summer event to create some excitement and momentum.

As I follow all the candidates on social media, the only one who made any real posting poise was Maxime Bernier.

In general, was there any real excitement about this leadership race?  Because I gotta tell ya, I'm not really feeling it.  I'm getting emails, mostly from Bernier.  No phone calls yet (I'm pretty sure I'm on some old lists.)

A big thing is that the media isn't into this race.  There's no buzz. All the other new names touted, I have never heard of.

Nik Nanos has an article similar to what I've been saying about this.

I believe the folks who've entered this race are simply positioning themselves for a top cabinet position in the government of the next person who leads the party and wins many years from now.  There's no shame in that.  It's a good, but expensive, way to keep a high profile.

It seems only natural that Peter Mackay should lead the party though, and him not doing so is causing a heightened build of tension.  He was leader of the PCs prior to the big merger and if any can read the mood of voters, it's him.  And the mood is a plurality if not majority of Canadians are still on a bit of a honeymoon with Trudeau--giving him the benefit of the doubt.

But when the dust settles, he'll release that tension at the right time.

And right now, that right time is still after the next election.


Anonymous said...

I agree the odds of winning the next election are not great, but they are certainly better than what it was for Harper when he won in 2004, never mind it wouldn't take a lot to knock the Liberals down to a minority as Harper did and in fact if we switch to PR a minority is pretty much guaranteed, and then the leader could win sometime around 2021. Likewise when Justin Trudeau became Liberal leader the idea of the Liberals winning seemed very far fetched so I think people need to stop trying to predict what will or won't happen. A healthy democracy needs a strong opposition who can take the reigns of power when people tire of the current government and whether that's in 4,8, 12 or even more years ahead we don't know but we need one who can take advantage of it.

Besides I don't think all the choices are terrible. In fact some like Michael Chong could be quite appealing. Lets remember Harper had even less going for him than many running now so I don't think you need to be a huge star candidate to win, people have to rather like the message you are selling.

Anonymous said...

Mackay is who the media want to win. Which is exactly why I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen.

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