Monday, July 29, 2013

Taser news updates

Don't think I forgot about Tasering.  There's been some news lately in Canada.

Remember that Polish immigrant at the Vancouver airport that was Tasered and then died as a result?  The RCMP officer charged in the case was found not-guilty of perjury.

And now the incident on a Toronto streetcar of an 18 year old man wielding a knife inside the car threatening people is top news in Canada.  Reports show that after the car stopped and people panicked to get out, about a dozen police arrived, the man standing inside at the front of the car was then asked by gun-drawn police to put down the knife several times.  Supposedly, the man then shouted at police "You're a f____g pussy" and still didn't put the knife down moved forward then received three gun shots, then six more and went down.

The controversy is three fold:

1.  Why were there shots at all if there was no real eminent threat, despite the profanity?  It's said a female officer was standing next to the shooting officer with her arms folder?  Couldn't the dozen or so officers on scene have stormed the man and apprehended him?

2.  Why were six additional shots fired at the man if he was already shot three times?  Why did other officers pull the shooting officer away after the six additional shots?

3.  Why was he Tasered after nine gunshots and having fallen to the floor?  Or why wasn't he Tasered in the first place?  Or why not just apprehended using other techniques, heck even pepper spray?  Aren't police trained in these things?

As the investigation continues, pay close attention citizens.  I don't think the 18 year old man deserved death on the spot.  The shooting officer has been suspended with pay.  Will he face criminal charges?


Anonymous said...

Sickens me. I am no bleeding heart but why pay trained police so much to handle things in such a way? We could hire any thug to do this.
I think there should be criminal charges, but there likely wont be. A badge is a license to do anything.

Pissedoff said...

Pity the police in Montreal didn't react the same way. Then an innocent woman might not be dead from a mans fists not a weapon. Seems the police cannot win no matter how they handle things even though they are the ones on line.

Anonymous said...

Another set of questions to include would be: "Why can't women own pepper spray in Ontario?", "Even non-lethal ammunition. Banned?"

Last I checked, anyway. I mean a criminal can decide to murder you with a stick he broke off a tree. whats to stop him from overpowering someone or catch them off guard?
No worries, the police with step out of their noisy toy mobiles just in time scare off the perp. Another subtle job well done.

Needless tip to criminals:
"Avoid the flash lights. And slip into the night."

"WIIIIWOOOOWWIIIWOOO" Or "wuuuppwuppwuuuupwupwupwupwup...pip....pip..wup." friggin juvenile.

Theres a good dozen reasons why most modern crimes go unreported.
Whole other topic unto itself.

More questions may include:

"Why can't private citizens own personal firearms?
Especially since they've vastly proven themselves around the world to handle & diffuse/deter more responsibly than most police forces?"

In American cities and towns with the highest conceal carriers have the least amount of crime especially gun crime. What mugger or rapist is going to risk losing his life or a limb? There are countless real life examples of what happens when they do. And its much swifter justice then a legal system that lets out repeat offenders.

Look at the video that night, most of the officers with guns out were posing as if ready to dodge bullets themselves.
He was hardly at any vantage point to swing it let alone throw it. More afraid of getting hurt than enforcing a sense of calm to talk the idiot down? Make him feel awkward for trying to be threatening and he should go for the easier path of least resistance if you make it.
We have stricter rules for fighting acid throwing terrorist on the other side of the world, than a misguided teenager who probably deserved a classic punch to the stomach than 9 bullets and a taser!

That said;

"Why can't we privatize police forces and make them accountable to a competitive market place? Where politics are shoved aside and individuals are held responsible for their actions directly. Publicly owned at the top, but free to retain and promote talent while being free to remove trouble makers."

The job attracts a lot of the wrong sorts of people as a means to have power over others. I'm not just talking about men. Some guys and gals are probably better off elsewhere in the field or not at all.

I feel safer around other random citizens who may or may not be armed to defend me or themselves and others, on the spot, out of mutual self interest. Since they exist on the same legal playing field without special privileges to do wrong "once in a while". No entitlement for slack, just a sense of self preservation of both life and humanity.

Police should stick to figuring out how something happens rather then trying to be everywhere at once, in a flashy and easily identifiable presence that criminals effortlessly detect and in some cases target.

I don't rightly care if some good officers take offense to my disregard of their service. Your tasked with task that is impossible to fulfill. Being told to do things that shouldn't be in your line of duty. I find the idea that I should leave my protection and that of anyone else near me to far off individuals with the "legal authority" incredibly more offense and dangerous. And Absurd. Leaves me feeling both under "served" and "protected".

Anonymous said...

And why did it take 22 officers? They still didn't get anything done.
Why bother with blocking off traffic if all he had was a knife?

You'd think there was so little crime going on elsewhere in the night that you would find so many in one place doing a job any akido student could of single handidly disarmed.

It's amazing how a thin punk with a knife could command such attention. What a stupid and defenseless psychosis we're all in.
Like those emasculated wimps who got up and left the room at polytechnic, without any sense to rush the guy with the rifle... a rifle! Hell, lift your desk as "shield" and spear him with it.
They're dense but not heavy.
Nevermind, leave it to the "professionals".