Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Free Speech Victory!

Finally.  To me, this is a huge victory for those who believe in free speech.  With this repeal of Section 13, no longer, well in about a year anyway, no longer can someone take you to the Canadian human rights tribunal, the kangaroo court that it is, over their hurt feelings regarding something hateful or contempt you said about them or their culture online.

These tribunals aren't under the same judicial process like our court system and frankly, don't have a place in our society.

(And when crazy people like Shirish Chotalia get appointed to chair the thing and abuse their power, it makes you cringe that someone with such erratic behaviour even had access to such power.)

If you're feelings are hurt so bad, then either ignore it and move on with your life, debate, or use the media and courts like everyone else.

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Polardiscoball said...

Ball on nose balancing MPs are now free to speak their minds?

I'll wait till I see their statements in the press.