Monday, May 27, 2013

More Insenaty! Trudeau and LeBreton

Senator Marjorie LeBreton thinks if we can't reform it, we should abolish it.  Well, we've been trying to reform it since confederation and I highly doubt the supreme court will overturn the constitution to abolish it, so why make statements like that?  Unless there's another sneaky legal way around it, I don't think I'm off in saying abolition is near impossible.  Abolition is not Conservative Party policy, so it's a bit shocking to hear her say this. It's clear "insenaty".

As well, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau makes remarks to La Presse that he wouldn't want to abolish the senate because Quebec has 24 seats in the senate and provinces like Alberta only six, that it's to Quebec's advantage, that abolishing it is "demagoguery", "we'll have to improve it."  Well, how, Justin?  Again, he's suffering from "insenaty".

But then just now, Alberta Premier Alison Redford had posted this on Facebook/Twitter in response to Justin.

"I am disappointed by Justin Trudeau's comments. There is no need to pit Alberta and British Columbia against other regions. We need an elected, equal Senate that is accountable to Canadians."
Well, THANK YOU Premier Redford for saying the correct thing here! Despite all you and your party's faults, this is a clear message and you don't suffer from "insenaty".

And, I'll continue to say this again and again... while I don't think he masterminded a senate expense scandal, I think this all fits within Harper's long-game plan to draw continued attention to the senate, to reform it, and the need to make it accountable. How?

The Hatrock's Cave Canadian Senate Reform Plan Proposal (a.k.a. The HCCSRPP):

  • Sixty-six senators:  six senators per province, two per territory, each representing a provincial/territorial region based on geography/environment, infrastructure/economy, and not necessarily population, and serve 8-9 year terms
  • Three senators per province elected every 4-5 years in conjunction with provincial elections OR with 4 year fixed federal election.
How hard is it for these politicians who continually display "insenaty" to propose something simple like this?

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