Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Justin's new ad

It just doesn't have that zip.  It lacks chutzpah.  I'm not embedding it here because you've probably already seen it.

Let's take a look-see at what he said in just 30 seconds:

"I've worked hard to win the confidence of the people of Papineau".  

FOURTH WORST VOTING RECORD IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS.  Doesn't sound like you're showing up to work there, Justin.  And just because you got voted in as an MP doesn't mean squat.  All MPs won the confidence of at least the plurality of their constituents. Doesn't make you more qualified than the others.

"I'm a son."  

Well no kidding.  So are ALL MALES of 99.99...% of all animal species.  It's an obvious snide reminder that you're the son and riding the coat tails of your father.  Like we didn't know.

"I'm a father."

That's super.  Again, so are millions of Canadian men.

"I'm a teacher."

Not to knock substitute teachers that provide a valuable service, which include friends of mine trying to become full-time teachers, you weren't full-time, but a substitute.

Just like you are as a Member of Parliament and leader of the Liberal Party.

A substitute.


Anonymous said...

I heard this morning on CJAD that the Conservatives are polling 10% in Quebec. So I guess you can fool most of the people most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Thank God they don't need Quebec to win the next election. Serves those wealth-sucking socialist Quebec parasites right.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be too quick to shoot down Trudeau period. The Conservative party is obviously worried about Trudeau, they are giving him more time of day than Mulcair and even the NDP as a whole. He is leading the third party right now, why does he receive their attention so, we are only playing into Trudeau's hand by constantly giving him the attention he seeks. I would love to see the Conservative Party's internal polling cause I would bet money right now its not good. I have received more requests since Trudeau became leader to donate money to the Conservatives then I have in my entire life. Guess once the Gun Registry stopped giving it wasn't as easy to gather funds.

Anonymous said...

Justin was a full time math and French teacher. For 6 months he was a substitute poetry and drama teacher replacing a teacher on mat leave.

U might want to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, trudeau was a math "teacher" to the 19th 'decibal". Like "teaching" french in British Columbia is of any relevance or value. Jr. was a snow boarding "teacher" too, now if he can just perform a somersault, or better yet, a pirouette, quick, hand him the keys to the PMO! None of this matters as the sole reason Jr. is the leader of the third party is his name, and only a "Liberal" would believe that to be an asset.

Anonymous said...

math teacher eh... to bad he didn't bother to solve those math figures he wrote as they don't actually add up to be equal ... seriously

Voice of tReason said...
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Voice of tReason said...

Nothing can compete with the awesomeness of the mighty mail room clerk!

Anonymous said...

justin bieber is atrocious yet tops the charts

your argument against JT is invalid

Not even the finest Quebecor mud can stick to that rock'n'roll hair it only serves to condition it

squirm CPC squirm

JT 2015

squirm CPC squirm