Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Edmonton growing like hotcakes but Alberta gov't in dire shape

What gives?

In one day, it's announced that Edmonton is to outpace national average on economic growth and jobs, while at the same time, the Redford PC Alberta gov't finance minister Doug Horner offers a gloomy economic forecast for Alberta.

It must be then that the Alberta gov't themselves are creating all these high paying jobs.  Or maybe it's actually the private sector, specifically oil and gas.  So wouldn't that generate more tax revenue for the gov't, or are they simply incompetent and rudderless?  Nah, couldn't be.  Or could it?....  Hmm, let's see here...

Alison Redford promised no new taxes.  What did we get?  An increase to the education contribution on property taxes.

Alison Redford promised more care and cash for seniors in health care.  What do they get?  One shower a week and now a 25% cut in services.

Alison Redford promised more funding for teachers (perhaps from tax increase above).  What do we get?  Haggling with the Alberta Teachers Union.  And now they're pulling back on their promise for the 1-2% increase.

Alison Redford promised accountability.  What did we get?  Sure they now post expenses and campaign donations online, but it only dates back 3 years. How convenient.  And let's not forget about her sister using gov't money for PC party campaign events but there was nothing wrong although someone in the gov't who did much less, got fired by Redford.  The continued illegal donations from school boards and other groups, and while Justice Minister, her signing and approving  the use of her ex-husband's law firm for the gov't to take on big tobacco.

Alison Redford promised to listen to Albertans.  What did we get?  The Heartland Transmission Line to be put above ground despite loud and clear opposition from everyone except the power companies who will increase charges to pay for something now that only Albertans in the far future will get to use.

The PC's for years and year and now Alison Redford promised to get the Highway of Death (63) to Ft. McMurray fully twinned.  What do we get?  More deaths. More delays. More talk. Oh sure, 36km is done and they SAY it will all be done by 2016, but they said that many years ago too.

Alison Redford promised to reduce the gov't deficit. What do we get?  Continued and growing deficits.

Alison Redford promised no sales tax.  What do you think we're gonna get?

Does anyone think this gov't and PC party are going to make anything better?


Anonymous said...

What can I say except shades of Dalton McGuinty. This bu8nch of Pc losers couldn't run a lemonade stand if they were getting the lemons for free. To all you big city fools who voted in this tribe of idiots...whatever you get looks good on you.

Powell Lucas

Anonymous said...

someone, somewhere must understand that government spending is the destruction of wealth not the creation of it.

Anonymous said...

if government spending is the destruction of wealth then who funds infrastructure?