Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Bloc strike back but cry wolf

Quebec has 125 seats in their National Assembly.  As the results come in as of 9:50PM EDT, the PQ have 59 seats and are 4 seats short of a majority.  The Liberals have 46, and the CAQ have 19.

Ok, I'm going to say it.  I can't stand the PQ and how they continually put a gun to Canada's head.  But that's why I hope they win a majority and call a referendum.   There's no way a majority Quebeckers will ever vote for independence (or "sovereignty" as the like to soften it up as).  But I want this bloody issue put to rest.  Bilingualism has cost this country hundreds of billions while at the same time the Quebec language police are in full force against anglophone businesses.  Equalization is anything but equal.  Quebec students continue to pay the lowest tuition in North America and yet they complain and some riot about a tiny increase.  Charest was very weak on that issue and why he lost.

Premier-elect Marois has already been demanding more powers for Quebec.  Her plans to demand businesses with only 10 or more employees to operate in French is plain fascist.  

I don't know about you, but I hope Prime Minister Harper tells her to shove it.  Go ahead Pauline, have your referendum.  Let's put the issue to rest.  If you leave or stay, Canada still wins.  If you leave, we'll have billions saved in not having to prop you up.  Not only that, your debt is enormous. Good luck paying that off without our help.  Businesses will leave in droves to Toronto and out West due to your high taxes and draconian language laws.  If you stay, as long as we don't continue to shovel billions of cash your way into a bottomless pit of corruption and entitlement, we win.  Even still, we win, because we know you'll just whine and cry wolf and the rest of us won't be listening anymore.


Anonymous said...

As a Québecor I am glad to see the end of liberal rule in our nation and pray for a party that will represent the interests of the Nation of Québec. I am clearly a separatist as I believe that the Nation of Québec is a distinct society who deserves special status. I commend the canadian Conservative Party for trying a flaccid attempt at recognizing the Nation of Québec but condone their lack of respect for the Francophone people. I look foreward to the day when the Nation of Québec is no longer a part of canada and the anglophone imperialistic ideas that suppress the French culture. Vive le Québec libre!

Rick Thomson said...

Well Anonymous, don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out ok? Don't forget to take your share of the national debt with you.

Anonymous said...


Yawn. If the Quebec "culture" isn't strong enough to survive without fascist and intolerant laws, then maybe its not a culture worth keeping. History is littered with cultures that have come and gone.